Justin Leonard is what you might call a muscleback loyalist, his love affair with the pure blade continuing with the Tour Preferred MB forged irons in his first year as a TaylorMade Tour Staff professional. Bring up the idea of playing a cavityback iron and Justin is certain to be a tough and fair critic of appearance. That said, it was great to hear his initial feedback to the RocketBladez Tour irons during his first encounter with the new products at the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Classic in Orlando last week.

“I absolutely love the long irons,” Leonard said, looking up and down the set of RocketBladez Tour, evaluating not only the topline but the overall appearance of the new products for the first time.

The good feedback continued when Leonard got his hands on his custom set of RocketBladez Tour inside the practice facility at Disney. Starting with the short irons, he worked his way fluidly through the new set, taking careful note of the feel, performance and ball flight he experienced with RocketBladez Tour.

By the time he reached the 3-iron, the inhibitions about the look of the cavityback were waning.

“I think I could get used to this,” he joked during the comparison testing with his Tour Preferred MBs.

Fighting for a spot in the top-125 on the PGA Tour money list at Disney, Leonard was quick to admit that he wasn’t planning to make a major equipment change during the final week of the season, with one exception. He kept the 3-iron in his bag for further on-course testing Tuesday and Wednesday at Disney and arranged for the new RocketBladez Tour irons to be shipped back to his home in Texas so he could continue rigorous off-season testing in the weeks ahead.

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