A 6-iron. That was the lowest iron that TaylorMade Tour Staff professional Y.E. Yang carried in his bag during the 2012 PGA Tour season.

It is well-documented that Yang, who famously lifted a Rescue into the 18th green at Hazeltine with the 2009 PGA Championship on the line, has one of the more unique bag make-ups in all of professional golf. The lofts of his six TaylorMade metalwoods read like a lottery ticket – 10.5, 14.5, 17, 19, 21, 23 – and are strategically designed to gap through the long game, from the tee box to the green.

It’s no secret that Yang has fallen in love with the Rescue in recent years, and for good reason, going as far to say time and time again that his career on the PGA Tour has been extended thanks to the versatility of the club design. For the sake of better understanding the data, let’s look at a quick breakdown of Yang’s average distances with his four Rescues and into his 6-iron, as identified earlier this season.

Rescue TP 2 17: 245 Yards
Rescue TP 3 19: 230 Yards
Rescue TP 4 21: 218 Yards
Rescue TP 5 23: 203 Yards
Tour Preferred MC 6-iron: 187 YardsYang-Bag-150x150

Based on the lofts of his Rescues, and his feedback in the initial testing, we believe his bag make-up could change next year and for the better; both by broadening his options and blending his distance gaps to be more uniform, especially between his shortest Rescue and his longest iron. With the incorporation of the Speed Pocket, the RocketBladez Tour long irons – 3 (19), 4 (22), 5 (25.25) – are designed to promote the long, consistent distance in a high and quick-stopping trajectory that Yang is looking for in his current tradeoff with Rescues versus long irons. If RBladez Tour enable Yang to better bridge the gap between his almost 20-yard gap between his 6-iron (187 yards) and Rescue 5, we think it could dramatically impact the way he approaches his 14-club selection in 2013.

Yang had his first look at RocketBladez Tour at our photo shoot in September and was very receptive and encouraged by his initial testing. We’ll be sure to keep a close eye on his progress with the RocketBladez Tour irons as we progress toward the 2013 PGA Tour season.

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