MASTERS: Tuesday Practice

The course was a little damp, the greens were definitely soft, but the rain stayed away today, making for happy players and many, many spectators. The forecast is good for the rest of the week and we’re crossing our fingers it remains that way.

We’ve mentioned before how rare it is for a player to ask for a new club to experiment with during these three days before the tournament. That’s why it surprised us when one former Masters champion asked us to build him an SLDR Mini Driver, and another former Masters champion asked us to build him two SLDR Mini Drivers. It’s a testament to how well this new metalwood combines power, accuracy and workability, making it a great alternative to teeing off with a 3-wood. There’s no telling if the SLDR Mini Driver will make it into either of these players’ bags this week, but we’re blown away solely by the fact that they wanted to try it so close to the start of the event.

It was otherwise quiet on the truck today in terms of builds, other than a new Tour Preferred sand wedge for Justin Rose to back up his current gamer. But quiet isn’t a bad thing, because it means we’ve done our job to get our players into equipment they’re comfortable with and have confidence in as they ready for the year’s first Major Championship.