Jamie Broce

Broce is the current golf coach at University of Toledo in Ohio. After falling just shy of the cut in 2013, Broce lost in the 2014 PGA Professional National Championship playoff against fellow TaylorMade Staffer Michael Block. Aside from golf, this NCAA Third Team All-America loves basketball almost as much as spending time with his family.

Staff Pro Q&A

Career low score?

What is your dream foursome?
Dad, brother, son, and daughter. Guess we’ll have to play a place that allows fivesomes.

How many hole-in-ones do you have?

What is your most memorable shot?
In our boys state championship in 8th grade, I flew an 8 iron straight in the hole on 18 to win the match.

What are your primary swing thought(s)?
Changes all the time, mostly work on alignment and balance. Also to just chase around the shot I’m hitting that day; draw or fade.

What is your favorite golf hole?
Don’t have one favorite, but I love to birdie the hole before a par 5, then birdie the par 5.

Do you have a specific ‘Pre-game’ meal?
For the PGA, I’m going to try and eat anything that will stay down. Banana, peanut butter toast, and juice will probably be the norm.

What kind of ball marker do you use?
I have some 1959 quarters, but normally use a 1965. 65 seems more realistic.

How do you mark your golf ball?
Green line over the Tour Preferred X. Green dot by the number.

As a teacher, what golf tip do you give the most?
Don’t have a score in mind. Get a game plan and stick to it. Some days a good score might be 75, other days when you’re on, 65. Play within yourself and take what the course gives you.

What is the most common problem you see with your students?
Attitude, course management, and poor work ethic.

What is the best golf tip/advice you’ve received? From who?
“Be on time, be prepared, do your best, and accept the results.” -Late coach Earl Yestingmeier, Ball State University. And to add to it if I could, being prepared is more than just showing up with 14 clubs.

If you could change one thing about your game, what would that be?
To enjoy everything the game has to offer, good and bad. jamiebrocewpSometimes I’m not appreciative enough.