In case you missed it, the European Tour recently rolled out a new campaign coined “Drama on the World Stage”. The video below is the first release of the campaign that’s set to showcase the can’t-miss drama that takes place weekly en route to Dubai. Drama on the World Stage has sparked a delightful buzz amongst golfers by highlighting the raw emotions we have for our beloved game. Here at TaylorMade Golf, the video has been buzzing at headquarters for another reason.

Take another look at the TV advert here and take note of the ball number at the 8 second mark:

Here’s the freeze frame if you missed it:

It’s apparent Kaymer is hitting a ball marked #99. Martin has long gamed a #59 TaylorMade Lethal golf ball for upwards of 2 years now. The 59 is substantial for Kaymer as it denotes his low round of 59 (−13) he scored at the Habsburg Classic on the EPD Tour (European Professional Development Tour). The golf ball pictured is also a Tour Preferred X and not the aforementioned Lethal we’re accustomed to Martin pulling out of cups on the PGA and European Tours.

#99 also sticks out as its spoken for by another prominent European TaylorMade staffer – Justin Rose. Justin’s wife Kate finds the number 9 to be lucky, so he figured putting 99 on his ball would bring double the luck. Rose was also an early adopter of the Tour Preferred X as he played a big role in the development with our golf ball R&D team.

So why is Kaymer playing Rose’s ball in the video?

We did some digging and found it stems from the 2014 Ryder Cup back in September. During competition at Gleneagles, Rose and Kaymer were paired for foursomes competition in which teams of two take alternate shots with the same ball. Rose previously played Lethal before switching to Tour Preferred and insisted TPX was superior and should serve as their game ball for competition. Martin agreed and was impressed enough with the performance, later asking Justin if he could spare some of his 99s for further testing.

A few weeks later, the European Tour captured the Drama on the World Stage video amidst Kaymer’s Tour Preferred X testing, ultimately leading to Rose’s 99 ball cameo. Kaymer has since reverted back to his #59 on his new Tour Preferred X gamers that will debut this weekend at the Honda Classic at PGA National in Florida.