Last week at the Zurich Classic, the wet and soggy conditions of TPC Louisiana made the course play considerably longer with tee balls having minimal rollout. It was a huge advantage to have longer carry distances and TaylorMade staffers cashed in.

Due to low-forward CG, TaylorMade drivers achieve lower spin which requires athletes to increase loft to achieve an optimal launch angle. This results in longer carry distances. Jason Day (314.0 yds), Dustin Johnson (311.0 yds), and rookie staffer Daniel Berger (304.1) put their carry distances on display at Zurich, capturing the 3 longest driving averages for the week.

Here’s the full specifications of each of their drivers:


Jason Day – Nothing out of the ordinary for Jason. He prefers adjusting a 10.5° to a 9° (as opposed to a 9.5° down .5°) to achieve a more aggressively opened face angle.

  • Head: R15 460 10.5° lowered to 9°
  • Shaft: Kurokage 70 XTS tipped 1″
  • Length: 45.5″ cut
  • Weight: D3
  • Grip: Tour Velvet Cord 58R with 2 wraps
  • Weights: Centered for max distance



Dustin Johnson – Bending or adjusting clubs up in loft is extremely rare on Tour. DJ does exactly that to compensate for his strong forward press. Bending loft up closes the club face which helps his club appear square at address. He also adds an extra wrap on the low-side of his grip to help avoid a left miss as the added width makes it more difficult to turn his right wrist over.

  • Head: AeroBurner 9.5° bent up to 10°
  • Shaft: Fuji Motore Speeder 2.0 X tipped 1″
  • Length: 45.5″ cut
  • Weight: D6
  • Grip: Tour Velvet 58R 2 wraps with an extra wrap on right (low)



Daniel Berger – The rookie has a unique setup with his R15 tuned upright. This helps accomplish an ideal ball flight with his out-to-in swing path. Berger is a feel player who doesn’t stress his swing, so club adjustments play a big role in achieving desired shot shape.

  • Head: R15 430 10.5 @ 10 (1 open of standard upright)
  • Shaft: Kurokage XTS 60x tipped 1″
  • Length: 45.5 cut
  • Weight: D3
  • Grip: Tour Wrap 58 R standard
  • Weights: Centered for max distance