Life isn’t easy on Tour. Ask PGA Tour journeyman and current Tour Professional, Vaughn Taylor. Vaughn made the trip to Dallas in hopes of qualifying for the AT&T Byron Nelson. He waited for his number to be called until late afternoon on Tuesday, then decided to catch a flight North Carolina for the event where he was guaranteed a spot.

After checking his bags (including his clubs) and waiting at his gate for his departure, Vaughn learned his connecting flight in Atlanta was cancelled. His odds of making making it to North Carolina for the event were now the same as him getting the call for the Byron Nelson. Vaughn naturally gave the big stage the nod and went to try and reclaim his luggage to stick it out in Dallas. Within the next 15 minutes, Vaughn learned his clubs didn’t have the same plans as they were already en route to Atlanta, and ultimately found their way to North Carolina the following morning.

Vaughn Taylor, now in Dallas with no clubs and no luggage, woke up to some bittersweet news on Wednesday. Due to player withdrawals, his name was called to tee it up at the Byron Nelson. With no clubs and only a day to practice, the TaylorMade Tour truck went into action.

The crew went into hyper build mode Wednesday morning. One club tech was knocking out Vaughn’s metalwoods while two other techs took on his irons and wedges. Years ago, TaylorMade invested in tools and technology capable of curing 24 hour epoxy in 3 minutes. This allows the team to build finalized products for athletes testing as opposed athletes testing adjustable components that can have small variants from finalized products. At this level, an ounce of advantage could be that winning stroke. The Tour Team learned of Vaughn’s conundrum only an hour prior to Wednesday’s final practice rounds. 51 minutes later, he had 13 brand new clubs that were custom made to his exact specifications.

Vaughn managed to squeeze in 2 practice sessions on Wednesday without a hitch thanks to the team’s quick work. His gamer set showed  up later that night, which he had in play on Thursday. Vaughn shot even par and missed the cut by a stroke.