The PGA Tour returned to Texas for the Crown Plaza Invitational at Colonial Country Club this week. The course is easily one of the most demanding driving courses players will see this year outside the majors; which is why Colonial has held so many majors in the past. Colonial requires golfers not only to hit fairways, but hit small slivers of fairways to have any chance attacking pins. This results in a majority of PGA pros to teeing off with a 3-wood, making the already 7,500+ yard track play even longer. Despite the demanding driving conditions, 6 of our athletes have switched into R15 or AeroBurner this week for added forgiveness.

The increase in lofts due to our lower CG drivers is not only ideal for launch and spin, but increased loft also results in more accuracy. The difference in loft isn’t as drastic in what golfers see from a 5 iron to 6 iron, but higher loft always results in more accuracy. Though 1° of loft goes unnoticed by amateurs, Tour pros can not only feel the difference, but see the increased accuracy on Flightscope testing. Here’s a deta:

Jeff Overton has been dabbling with a new AeroBurner driver for the past few months. There is no question AeroBurner is longer than his current driver, but the changes in ball speed and flight conditions has required tinkering with shafts and specs to get it Tour ready. A TaylorMade Tour rep suggested reverting back to a heavier 80 gram shaft, 20 grams heavier than his current 60 gram gamer. The lighter AeroBurner driver head nicely balanced out with his heavier shaft to achieve the flight and feel Overton was looking for. During Trackman testing, his new AeroBurner was consistently 3-4mph faster with upwards of 15 yards of added carry. That was enough for Overton as he pulled the trigger on the new big stick to take advantage of the soft conditions at Colonial due to severe rain.

Rory Sabbatini started playing an R15 460cc last week in Charlotte. He loved the higher ball flight flight for Quail Hollow, but wanted a little more control around the tighter quarters of Colonial. In effort to cut his misses in half, Rory summoned a R15 12° 430cc that he could de-loft to open the face, which helps diminish the left side of the golf course. He set the weights to one in the center and the other at the extreme toe to encourage a fade bias. Again, the new setup allows Rory to release the driver aggressively without the fear of his ball going left. The 12° is in the bag at Colonial.

Brian Davis is officially gaming an AeroBurner TP 9.5°. He’s not one to change clubs as Davis has played an RBZ Stage 2 since its release in 2012. This isn’t the first time AeroBurner has dethroned a longterm club for an athlete. Jason Day replaced his RBZ 4-wood from 2011 with an AeroBurner 3-wood High Launch earlier in the year at Torrey. Dustin Johnson also broke up with his R9 3-wood after a 6 year stent in the bag to make room for the AeroBurner 3-wood.

With 21 AeroBurner’s in play at the Colonial, the driver has now captured the #1 model on Tour for the second week in a row and 5th week overall in the 2015 PGA Tour Season.