Tour proven tee-to-green performance makes our 2016 golf ball lineup the best in company history. Tour Preferred and Tour Preferred X gives players two distinctly different golf balls with tour-caliber performance. The new Project (a) golf ball was designed with one objective in mind: create a golf ball for amateurs that performs the same way as a tour ball performs for Tour athletes, and we’re confident we’ve delivered. 

Tour Preferred 

Tour Preferred

Our softest Tour ball is comprised of a material that is 65% more flexible than the previous generation’s mantle yet retains the same level of resilience. This results in a golf ball with significantly softer feel, 80 compression, and continues to be long off the tee, no matter your swing-speed. The 4 piece construction integrates TaylorMade’s Soft Tech™ cast urethane cover giving players control around the green that the best players in the world expect.

  • Golfers will see a higher launch window and more spin for long irons while maintaining the same distance off the tee
  • Compare to previous model – softer feel
  • Compare to TPx ’16 – softer feel, more iron spin…higher trajectory and more control on green(or softer landing)


Tour Preferred X

Tour Preferred X

“We developed forty three Tour Preferred X prototypes throughout our exhaustive pursuit to a better golf ball and put them in the hands of our Tour players,” said Eric Loper, TaylorMade’s Director of Golf Ball R&D“They were unanimously drawn to the ball that produced more control around the greens, and that was the new Tour Preferred X. We’re excited by their initial reactions to its performance and look forward to their transition into the new models for the ’15-’16 PGA TOUR season.”

  • The new 2016 Tour Preferred X integrates a 5 layer construction that gives better players a lower flighted ball trajectory with their irons. which can provide more consistency especially into the wind.
  • Showcases a thicker re-engineered Soft Tech cast urethane cover which provides improved green side spin and control that the best players in the world demand.
  • The ’16 Tour Preferred X golf ball will be played by Justin Rose, Sergio Garcia, Dustin Johnson, 2015 PGA Champion Jason Day, and 2015 Rookie of the Year Daniel Berger.
  • Compare to previous model – more greenside control.
  • Compare to TP ’16 – firmer feel, lower iron spin for a more flighted iron trajectory.


Project (a)

Project (a) Boxes

The 2016 Project (a) has been designed specifically for the competitive amateur player to promote more spin and improved performance where it is needed most; 30 yards and in.

  • The new Project (a) has reduced the overall compression compared to the previous model, from 88comp to 70comp to make the ball feel significantly softer.
  • Features the same Soft Tech cast urethane technology in the ’16 TP and TPX golf balls, giving players more control around the greens and a more durable cover without sacrificing the soft feel demanded by top amateurs.
  • Project (a) is specifically designed to deliver more spin on mid irons, short irons, and shots around the green. This gives amateurs enhanced control and increases scoring opportunities.
  • The ’16 Project (a) gives all amateurs more spin around the greens to control.
  • Compared to previous model – significantly softer feel.
  • Compared to TP ’16 – softer feel, more iron spin for the players that need it most.


The 2016 Tour Preferred and Tour Preferred X golf balls ($47.99) and Project (a) ($34.99) hit stores November 6th.